Workflow Scenarios Guidance

  • Expose workflow service to a client
  • WCF client calling a Workflow Service operation
  • A Workflow Service calling two different WCF service operations
  • WorkflowServiceHost and WorkflowServiceHostFactory architecture
  • Document generation process implemented by a WCF service operation
  • Executing workflow functionality synchronously within a ReceiveActivity
  • Executing workflow functionality asynchronously following a ReceiveActivity
  • Allocating synchronous and asynchronous workflow functionality between ReceiveActivity and other activities that follow it
  • Windows client calling the data upload Workflow Service
  • Creating a new service contract using the Workflow Designer
  • Multiple ReceiveActivity instances associated with a single service contract and endpoint configuration
  • Workflow Service authentication and authorization
  • Configuring required roles for authentication
  • Service-oriented document generation process
  • Calling services from a workflow using SendActivity
  • A workflow service calling WCF services using SendActivity
  • Via MSDN


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