Configuring In Place Records Management In SharePoint 2010

Any SharePoint 2010 Document Library Can be configured for in place records management. This will be explained in this post.

When we click a document, Manage section on the ribbon has no button for declaring it a records. This can be seen in the screen shot given below. This means in place records management feature is not enabled on this document library. One thing to remember here is that In Place Records Management is site collection level feature.

  1. Go to site collection features and look for “In Place Records Management” feature. Before enabling, it will look like this:

  2. After activation, feature will look like this:

    At this stage in place records management feature is enabled, but Declare Record button will not appear on ribbon. We need to do one more setting here.

  3. Now go to document library setting page and click link as shown in screen shot below:

  4. Click the radio button as shown in screen shot below and click ok.

  5. After these settings document library will show Declare Record button. Declare Record button is disabled because we have not selected any document. This implies, in place records management can be applied to single document at a time.

  6. Select a document in document library, declare record button will be enabled.

  7. Click Declare Record button on the ribbon and you are done with declaring a record.

Enjoy SharePoint 2010.


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